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Published: 27.02.2023

Published: 02/27/2023

ESCS was the first organic unit of Lisbon Polytechnic to apply and be selected for a BIP (Blended Intensive Programme), having received a funding to support the European project HEDCOM.

BIP (Blended Intensive Programme) is a modality of the Erasmus+ program, created to support European projects that combine online teaching with face-to-face short-term mobility.

Amongst the eight organic units of Lisbon Polytechnic (IPL), the School of Communication and Media Studies (ESCS) was the first to apply and get funded. The School submitted the European Project HEDCOM (Higher Education Diploma in Communication), in which participates annually, being the only Portuguese representative. The institution obtained an amount of €6.400, intended to cover expenses related to the activities carried out, as well as travel expenses for students and teachers.


The application to the BIP had the following objectives: global and international skills development, through group work in multicultural and multidisciplinary teams, both online and face-to-face; skills development in ​​Strategic Communication, working with real cases of international companies; and learning how to work with communication from a strategic point of view, in line with the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), regarding to sustainability communication.

On the other hand, by the end of the project, students should be able to master communication and intercultural relationship skills; create a global strategic communication plan, applied to the European market; create an integrated strategic communication plan covering online and/or offline components, in different media, channels and platforms; and create a strategic communication plan focused on internal and external audiences of the organization.

In order to obtain credits, the BIP corresponds to 3 ECTS. And a successful participation in the program grants a certificate of participation.

The HEDCOM project in 2023

HEDCOM (Higher Education Diploma in Communication), an initiative of the network of European Higher Education institutions BUSINET (Global Business Education Network), annually brings together working groups of students from various European Higher Education institutions, who collaborate in the development of strategic communication campaigns for international companies. In 2023, ESCS hosts the initiative and L’Oréal Portugal is the company responsible for the briefing, with the program “L’Oréal For The Future”, focused on environmental and social care.

In a first moment, on February 14th, Ocean Alive (the first Portuguese cooperative dedicated to protecting the ocean) and Girl Move (a Portuguese organization that promotes female talent and leadership) shared their purpose and path with the participants, in a moment that aimed to inspire students to respond to this year's challenge. Between the 20th and 24th of March, the partner institutions, from Belgium, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Romania, will come together in Portugal, at ESCS, in order to develop a 360º communication strategy for the program “L'Oréal For The Future”. Projects will be presented, on the last day of the symposium, to a jury panel composed by elements from L’Oréal Portugal and teachers from the participating countries.