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Institute of Communication and Media of Lisbon

The Lisbon Institute of Communication and Media (ICML) is a non-profit private research centre that has a protocol with the ESCS. It is composed of ESCS lecturers and researchers and a few faculty members affiliated with other universities. Most ICML members are tenured professors with a doctorate degree. ICML membership also includes some foreign researchers who have participated or are currently participating in research projects developed by ICML.

Research developed at ICML focuses on: Communication and Politics, Advertising and Marketing Communication, Strategic Communication and Public Relations, Journalism, Media and Discourses, and Multimedia Communication and Digital Culture.


General Assembly:

Chair –  Jorge Veríssimo (ESCS-IPL)
Vice-Chair – Isabel Simões-Ferreira (ESCS-IPL)
Secretary – Jorge Souto (ESCS-IPL)

Executive Board:

President – Fernanda Bonacho (ESCS-IPL)
Vice-President – Filipe Montargil (ESCS-IPL)
Treasurer – Carla Medeiros (ESCS-IPL)
Member – Sandra Miranda (ESCS-IPL)
Member – José Knight Rodrigues (ESCS-IPL)

Fiscal Board:

President – António Belo (ESCS-IPL)
Secretary – Manuel Baptista (ESCS-IPL)
Member – Rita Espanha (ISCTE-IUL)