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Pancadas do Infinito

Logo Pancadas do Infinito

The stage is for everyone!

Pancadas do Infinito is the School of Communication and Media Studies’ most recent society. It came into being between January and March 2019, and started in earnest in March of that year. It was, however, in the month of September, with the arrival of new students, that the society grew significantly. Two freshmen came out with the idea, the idea throve, and a play was formally presented on 10th December, 2019. A year and a half after the creation of this beautiful project, our drama society is happy to say that all those who dwell in this house are like family. Our goal is to show that the arts deserves greater esteem, and that anyone should have an opportunity to be who they are, step on stage, and overcome all their fears. We aim to show that any student, regardless of their chosen course at ESCS, can be a part of something. A little bit of drama has never hurt anyone. We are waiting for you.

Together we are better. Together we grow up. Together we are, indeed, a school within a school.

If we were just another club, we would be one club to many.