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Post-Graduation degree in

Branding and Content Marketing

Submitted by escs on 27 October 2021

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ESCS, in partnership with BAR Ogilvy, introduces the Post-Graduation Course in Branding and Content Marketing.

ESCS partnered with BAR Ogilvy (a group of companies specialised in different marketing communication areas) to jointly create a postgraduate programme in Branding and Content Marketing. The aim of this partnership reflects ESCS’s strategic goal of bridging the gap between the academy and the corporate market, and the resulting course combines theoretical/conceptual and practical/experimental dimensions in a single training programme.

This course was designed to respond to the needs for knowledge and skills that stem from the evolution of content-focused communication strategies and practices over a multiplicity of emerging communication channels.

The course consists of two semesters (60 ECTS) and awards a Postgraduate Diploma in Branding and Content Marketing. The course structure consists of eight core and four elective subjects.

Course coordination:

Coordinator: Rosário Correia
Sub-coordinator: Alexandra David

The post-graduation course in Branding and Content Marketing operates in person and is taught in Portuguese.