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Post-Graduation degree in

Sports Journalism

Submitted by escs on 28 December 2022

ESCS presents the new Postgraduate course in Sports Journalism.

To continue and extend the educational project and in collaboration with several external partners, ESCS presents a new postgraduate course in a journalism specialization theme -Sports. The goals of this new academic resource are to qualify present and future journalism professionals in an integrated educational framework (conceptual and practical) adjusted to the needs of the labour market.

LUSA Agency
RTP (RTP Television and RTP Radio)
Channel 11 (Portuguese Football Federation)
Global Media Group  (TSF Radio News and O Jogo)
Portugal's Olympic Committee
PNED (National Plan for Ethics in Sport)

Course Coordination:
Coordinator: Jorge Trindade
Subcoordinator: Maria José Mata

The post-graduation course in Sports Journalism operates in person and is taught in Portuguese.

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