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R&D Network

Seeking to create bridges and ties between Academy, Companies and Civil Society, the ESCS is a member of several national and international Research & Development Networks (R&D).


Businet is an international network of Higher Education institutions that aims to foster Internationalization, promoting an environment that encourages the sharing of best practices and inter-institutions cooperation.

Businet's main activities:

- Research & Development projects
- Staff and students mobility
- Course development

The ESCS (faculty and students) participates in two working groups – ‘Communication’ and ‘Marketing and International Trade’.

Working groups:

• Communications Group

April 24th to 26th 2019 — Durham — HedCom 2019
April 26th 2021 — Online — HedCom 2021
March 21st to 25th ​​​​​​​— Courtrait — HedCom 2022
March 20th to 24th 2023 – Lisbon – HedCom 2023
April 22nd to 26th 2024 – Breda, Netherlands– HedCom 2024

• Marketing and International Trade

7th to 13th March 2020, International Trade Mission Lisbon 2020
10th March 2021, International Trade Mission Lisbon 2021 (online)
14th to 18th March 2022, International Trade Mission Madrid 2022

Information and Contacts:

Communications Group
Tatiana Nunes (

Marketing and International Trade Group
João Rosário (

Globcom Project

Globcom is an international network / project that aims to prepare young Communication professionals for a global world. Over the course of three months, virtual teams work together using diverse online communication tools and respond to a global communication challenge presented by a real client. The annual Globcom symposium represents the culmination of that work. After a pre-selection, the shortlisted proposals are presented and the winning team is chosen.

GlobCom Symposium 2020 (May 2020, Vilnius, Lithuania)
GlobCom Symposium 2021 (Barcelona, Spain)
GlobCom Symposium 2022 (Barcelona, Spain) - Virtual
GlobCom Symposium 2023 (Boston, EUA)
​​​​​​​GlobCom Symposium 2024 (information available soon)

Information and Contacts:
Tatiana Nunes (

Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ)

The ESCS has established an academic cooperation agreement with the ECO-UFRJ Communication School for purposes of:

- Joint research
- Faculty and students exchange
- Joint seminars and conferences

Information and Contacts:

ESCS – Dean (
UFRJ - Kátia Augusto (


ECREA-European Communication Research and Education Association is an association and a network of research and education focused on the study and development of research in different fields of communication, namely Organizational and Strategic Communication, Journalism, and Audiovisual Communication. The ESCS is an associate member and has active participation in different sessions and working groups.

Information and Contacts:

Office of the Dean of the ESCS (