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Postgraduate degree in

Public Relations Strategic Management

Submitted by escs on 27 October 2021

The postgraduate degree in Public Relations Strategic Management offers an opportunity to those already in the labour market to refresh and update their knowledge, and to those who have recently graduated in Public Relations/Corporate Communication to consolidate their analytical and technical skills. In a complex and global world, managing relationships between different audiences is a priority, both in analogue and digital contexts. Public Relations are thus a strategic organisational function, which contributes to expressing the identity of companies, public or private entities, non-governmental organizations, groups, and even individuals allowing them to be recognised by their different interlocutors and achieve greater affinity, trust and engagement.

Successful completion of the first academic year of the postgraduate course grants students a Postgraduation Diploma in Strategic Public Relations.

Course coordination:

Coordinator: Sandra Pereira

The postgraduate degree in Public Relations Strategic Management operates in person and is taught in Portuguese.