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Submitted by escs on 27 October 2021

The SID (Information and Documentation Service) provides scientific, pedagogical, and research support in the fields of information and documentation. Its mission is to collect, treat, organize, disseminate, and preserve information resources in the fields of study relevant to the courses offered at ESCS, thus assisting them in the performance of teaching and scientific research functions.

SID’s holdings comprise its general collection of monographic volumes, which includes: the deposit collection, reference books, grey literature, the Joel da Silveira archive, a collection of periodicals (printed format), and a database on market studies. Access to the B-on and to the Scientific Repository of the IPL is facilitated. The entire stock is subject to the Collections Development Policy (PDC).

The library is located on the -2 Floor. By using this service, users are implicitly accepting that they will comply with the library’s Norms and Regulations.