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Submitted by escs on 28 October 2021
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This UC shows several sampling techniques and the statistical tools used in the descriptive analysis of collected data that should be used, according study goals and the type of variables involved. Students, also, learn to establish and test hypotheses about the characteristics of a population based on the study of a sample.

After these classes the student should be able to:

- Knowing the methods of different sampling techniques;

- Understand the results of a survey;

- Identify which graph, table or statistical measure is the most appropriated to each type of data sets;

- Know how to calculate them, previously mentioned, through SPSS;

- Understand the different types of charts, tables and statistical indicators;

- Identify the most appropriate statistical hypothesis test for each objectif and data set, and execute it by SPSS, as interpreting their results;

- To estimate some population parameters.