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Freelancer Journalism
Submitted by escs on 15 November 2021
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Media and Journalism

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This Unit draws to address the specifics of freelance journalism, with regard to rules, techniques and modalities. It will analyze the media system and market, at national and international levels, in synchronic and historical perspectives, and the situation of freelance journalism in these contexts. The purpose of the Unit is also to propose and to propose personal strategies suitable for the development of a freelance occasion career, full-time management techniques, determining the value of work, cultivating sources, creating contacts and "client portfolio". The journalistic genres suitable for freelancers and ways of transforming journalistic pieces into long term and far reflecting projects will be analyzed. Project financing modalities, the mixture of specialization and reputation, as well as well as promotion strategies through social media will be socially.


This Unit taught to create in students a notion of the reality of the media market and the situation of freelance journalism. It is intended that students are able to see themselves as a personal enterprise developing career management skills, and that they know how to assess which journalistic genres and themes are most appropriate to their personal and professional profile. It is also the objective of the UC to seek students to seek specialization, acquiring awareness of the importance of reputation, and provide tools that help to find financing for projects and achieve economic independence. It is also intended that students learn to publicise and promote their work, taught through the building of an audience on social media.