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Digital Media Laboratory
Submitted by escs on 15 November 2021
Scientific area


Audiovisual and Multimedia

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Understanding the evolution of Digital Media technologies and its outputs. Understanding the use of Social Networks by companies and the best practices of each network. Design and create a Digital Media campaign for a Brand or Service. The Student will create all the strategy and assets, from posts to videos or photos.


1. Digital evolution
1.1. The Digital journey
1.2. From HTML to Mobile and Sharing revolution
2. Social Networks
2.1. Facebook
2.2. Twitter
2.3. Youtube
2.4. Instagram
2.5. Pintarest
3. Websites vs Blogs
3.1. Traditional Websites and Responsive Design
3.2. Hybrid Solutions
3.3. WordPress
4. Prototyping a Mobile App
4.1. Development of a small mobile app
5. Project development