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Digital Communication and Digital Marketing: a cross-cultural learning experience between PT and USA


O projeto Digital Communication and Digital Marketing: a cross-cultural learning experience between PT and USA pertence à Linha de Investigação 2 — Comunicação, Estratégias e Criatividade.

Sinopse: In today's rapidly evolving global landscape, digital corporate communication and digital marketing have emerged as indispensable tools that transcend cultural, societal, corporate, and academic boundaries. Culturally, digital platforms have facilitated unprecedented cultural exchange and understanding, enabling individuals from diverse backgrounds to connect, share, and appreciate each other's traditions and perspectives. Societally, digital communication has reshaped how we interact with organizations, mobilize for social causes, or stay informed, while digital marketing has transformed consumer behavior and expectations, impacting everything from product discovery to brand loyalty. In the corporate realm, digital strategies have become pivotal for organizations of different sectors and areas, enhancing stakeholder’s relationships and engagement, market reach, and profitability. Academically, the study of digital communication and marketing has become a vital field, providing insights into emerging trends to guide future professionals as they navigate this dynamic landscape. In sum, the relevance of digital communication and marketing today is paramount, influencing how we communicate, connect, and conduct business on a global scale while shaping the academic discourse surrounding these transformative phenomena.

This FLAD - UP-Higher Education 2023-24 application seeks to develop and consolidate the partnership, in mid and long term, between the School of Communication and Media Studies at the Lisbon Polytechnic University(ESCS-IPL) and the University of Southern California USC Marshall - School of Business (USC) focusing the mentioned thematic.

In this context, the present proposal is based on the following purposes and actions, considering the synergies already initiated between both institutions:

1. Adoption and utilization of technology through the creation of a COIL (Collaborative Online International Learning) program in Digital Communication and Digital Marketing that aims to foster cross-cultural understanding, promote global citizenship, and provide a unique educational experience for higher education students in Portugal and the USA.

2. Training and development of faculty, materializing in the form of short-term stays and immersive training in both countries and institutions involved, promoting the continuous professional development of educators, and the sharing of experiences, methodologies, syllabi, and backgrounds about digital communication and digital marketing between Portugal and USA Higher Education Institutions.

3. Joint research through the development of a project focusing on cross-cultural communication and the cultural role of digital influencers in the lives of young students from both countries.

Financiamento: projeto financiado pela FLAD – Programa UP, Ensino Superior 2024.

Coordenadora: Prof.ª Doutora Sandra Miranda (

Estado do Projeto: Ativo

Equipa de investigação:
Ana Teresa Machado (ESCS-IPL)
André Sendin (ESCS-IPL)
António Azevedo (ESCS-IPL)
Tatiana Nunes (ESCS-IPL)
Sandra Pereira (ESCS-IPL)
Zélia Santos (ESCS-IPL)
Kristen Schiele (PhD, MBA, Associate Professor of Clinical Marketing, University of Southern California USC Marshall)
Larry Vincent (PhD, Associate Professor of the Practice of Marketing, USC Marshall)
Arianna Uhalde (PhD, Assistant Professor of Clinical Marketing, USC Marshall)

University of Southern California, USC Marshall


• Comunicações:

Miranda, S; Machado, A.; Nunes, T. Santos, Z., Pereira, S & sydney, chinchana (2024). Exploring motivations and preferencies in digital influencer engagement among portuguese and north american higher school students. 22nd annual international conference in marketing, july 2nd, Athens, Greece.