Creativity and Innovation In Communication

In nowadays times, where transition and change are rule and where Global Communication contexts are no exception, Innovation and Creativity reveal to be the only solution to change and uncertainty scenarios.
New Technologies, new ways to communicate, new communication languages require a full redefinition of communication models in general, and those of advertising in particular.
This Subject aims to promote new perspectives concerning creativity, giving up the idea that it is a natural born “gift” and enabling students with tools that allow them to develop new creative personal resources through effort, study and practice. In a new academic sphere, Students will explore the power of thinking (creativity) merging it with action (innovation).
Students will explore working synergies in multi-functional teams that will target problems’ solving, by correctly defining those problems and using the right analysis tools. From here, new strategies, new media, new ways of communicating will come up, as well as new training approaches to daring professionals.



Helena Pina


Raoul Van Harten
Tiago da Cruz