Brand Strategy


As times change, wills change too, and all time is made of change (according to a Portuguese saying). This was never as real as it is today. Information overload and globalization create new behaviors, which result in new habits, which result in new rhythms, which make way to new categories, which quicker than we wish are questioned. But we must stop here. There is also space to fundamental values and guidelines, maturation times, concept interiorization, ideas and places that become common. Though we want the light, not everything is made at lightning speed. Analysis, case studies, workshops, everything is at stake to prove that conventions are meant to be broken… When the right time comes. In this context, we established as objectives recognizing the importance of the brand as a product’s nominal identity, understanding buying behavior and social changes, developing analysis methodologies, creating and managing brands, and finally framing and integrating branding in terms of business management, through the creation of value in the business.


responsible teacher:

João Barros


João Barros