“We shouldn’t be just another school; otherwise, we will be one school of many”

Today, the School of Communication and Media Studies (ESCS) is a landmark institution in communication’s higher education in Portugal and is the preferred partner of recruitment for companies and organizations. To this scenario have contributed the dedication and the professionalism of an excellent faculty and non-teaching staff, which, since ever, have impressed innovation in teaching and research; inspired a culture of constant improvement and rigor, and instilled a sense of citizenship, social responsibility and involvement in our students.

In addition to having a set of technological equipment and media, enabling the student’s closer contact with their future professional reality, ESCS is also an place of freedom, discussion, debate and interaction. It is an open institution, in permanent interaction with society.

In this sense, we can say that ESCS, which philosophy is based on the pillars of innovation, citizenship, interdisciplinarity and demand, “would never be one school too many because we will never be just another school”*.

Jorge Veríssimo
Dean of ESCS

* Statement of Dr. António Pinto Leite in the inauguration address of the building of ESCS.