Academic Calendar

Academic Year 2020-2021

WINTER SEMESTER (1st Semester) 23rd September to 21st February
Classes (14 weeks) 6th October to 22nd January
Intercalary Week (clarification classes) 25th to 29th January
Exams – Normal Season (1st Semester) 1st to 12th February
Exams – Recourse Season (1st Semester) 22nd February to 5th March
SUMMER SEMESTER (2nd Semester) 8th March to 30th July
Classes (14 weeks) 8th March to 18th June
Intercalary Week (clarification classes) 21st to 25th June
Exams – Normal Season (2nd Semester) 28th June to 9th July
Exams – Recourse Season (2nd Semester) 19th to 30th July
Exams – Special Season
(Finalists and Students-Workers)
1st to 14th September
Christmas Holidays 21st to 31st December
Easter Holidays 29th March to 1st April