Academic Calendar

Academic Year 2019-2020

Updated: 01/04/2020

WINTER SEMESTER (1st Semester) 23rd September to 21st February
Classes (14 weeks) 23rd September to 10th January
Intercalary Week (clarification classes) 13th to 17th January
Exams – Normal Season (1st Semester) 20th to 31st January
Exams – Recourse Season (1st Semester) 10th to 21st February
SUMMER SEMESTER (2nd Semester) 24th February to 17th July
Classes (14 weeks) 24th February to 5th June
Intercalary Week 1 (evaluation moments) 8th to 12th June
Intercalary Week 2 (clarification classes) 15th to 19th June
Exams – Normal Season (2nd Semester) 22nd June to 3rd July
Exams – Recourse Season (2nd Semester) 13th to 24th July
Exams – Special Season
(Finalists and Students-Workers)
1st to 12th September
Christmas Holidays 23rd December to 3rd January
Easter Holidays 6th to 9th April