ESCS Alumni

Finish the course, but the 'escsiano' spirit remains. There is always the possibility of returning to participate, promote and improve.

The past cannot be forgotten. So, the present turns into new ways of being in the Future: annual meetings for members; workshops, conferences, themed activities, etc… These are all good excuses to meet again “old” colleagues and friends who may prove to be good opportunities to exchange experiences and knowledge. Networking is one of the keywords!
All went through the same corridors and all commented the white walls, all made groupwork at the tables of floor -1, all had similar experiences, and we are all aware of the “added value” of a ‘escsiano’ professional.
ESCS Alumni is an association that provides you a new and different relationship with ESCS. A space where you’ll find a group of friendly people who share the same ‘escsiano’ spirit that, through their experiences, can offer you a vision of the job market in your field of study.
To be a member, you must fill in the Registration Form and then you will be contacted about the rights and duties associated.