Informations about the 2nd semester

In order to help you understand the operated regime of the lessons, you should pay attention to the table below:

Week (number) Week (days) Operated Regime
1 8th to 12th March Online
2 15th to 19th March Online
3 22nd to 26th March Online
29th March to 2nd April Easter Break
4 5th to 9th April Online
5 12th to 16th April Online
6 19th to 23rd April Online
7 26th to 30th April Onsite
8 3rd to 7th May Onsite
9 10th to 14th May Online
10 17th to 21st May Online
11 24th to 28th May Onsite
12 31st May to 4th June Onsite
13 7th to 11th June Online
14 14th to 18th June Onsite

For futher information, don’t forget to check out the schedules and the academic calendar.