Academic Tuna escstunis

The sounds come out from the ukuleles and tambourines. From the souls and voices of escstunis come out what distinguishes it: the spirit of ESCS.

The escstunis is the academic musical group of ESCS. Born on December 16th, 1994, has been spreading the spirit and academic traditions throughout the country by their various performances. The Tuna M’isto, escstunis festival, which includes the participation of ‘tunas’ around the country, has been held since 1997 and from 2003 began to take place in the Aula Magna of Regents of the University of Lisbon.
Currently, the escstunis has about 35 active elements, of both sexes. Rehearsing weekly in the auditorium of the ESCS, the escstunis never ceases to travel and meet in healthy living activities – meetings, festivals and academic weeks.
escstunis’ new CD is being produced.