Europe Week

Between 6th and 9th of May, ESCS will be promoting the Europe Week, an initiative dedicated to the European Union and the importance of the European Parliament.


The registration is closed.


— “You are Europe too” (7th May)
Places: 30

— “Wasteapp Competition” (8th May)*
Places: 25

— “Sustainable Gastronomy” (8th May)*
Places: 25

— “Learn with escstunis how to mash waste” (8th May)*
Places: 30

— “The Two D’s: Destroy and Discover fake news” (9th May)
Places: 50

*You can only sign up for one of these three workshops, considering that they will be happening on the same day, at the same time.

Check out the full programme of the Europe Week.

In May 2019, around 500 million European Union citizens will elect a new Parliament. These elections, which happen every five years, express the European citizens’ democratic will.

The Parliament is, naturally, in the centre of the debate about Europe’s future. The high abstention rate in the elections shows a big lack of knowledge about the European project and all the opportunities that have been contributing to a climate of peace and prosperity in Portugal.

The media will play a key role in the time before the elections. Informing, debating, clarifying and refuting “fake news” is vital for voters to make conscious choices and not based on ignorance, disinterest and distance from the EU, often harnessed by undemocratic forces.

It is with this awareness that Escola Superior de Comunicação Social will contribute and propose the organization of a week, between 6th and 9th of May, dedicated to the European Union and to the importance of the European Parliament in the democratic path of Europe.