Photojournalism Workshop

Learning outcomes:
The Photojournalism Workshop aims to familiarize the students with the theoretical concepts and practical knowledge of photography, while underlining the potential of the visual elements in the journalistic narrative.
On the theoretical side, with recourse to audiovisual methods, the students will be introduced to the historical path of photography in the press, its evolution from introduction to the digital, get acquainted with some of the most prominent practitioners of photojournalism, while debating its social responsibility and ethical issues that were brought to the limelight with the digital process.
The practical side of the workshop will familiarise the students with the basics of the photographic process and the work flows of the editorial world.

The students will learn the essential technical skills for the production of images usable for different platforms, within the acceptable technical and ethical standards of the journalistic world.
The most common and recent applications used in the editing and publishing process are available.


Rui Coutinho